This web page contains articles and reviews on the relationship between Nationalism and Marxism.


This is a varied collection of articles. Some are papers delivered at conferences. Others have appeared in academic journals.The main focus in on the Basque country [Euskadi] but there will be shorter items on other nationalisms, particularly Scots and Irish. Some of the shorter pieces have appeared in Revolutionary History, What Next?, Capital and Class and New Interventions. .


Last updated on the 17th of November 2002. I plan to add more material frequently.


This site is written by John Sullivan.




Batasuna Banned: The Spanish government has banned a politcal party which calls for Basque independence. [Added 17 November 2002]


Andres Nin on Austro Marxism. Nin’s attack on Austro Marxism’s attempt to defend the Hapsburg Empire. [Added 17 November 2002]


James Connolly: His life and Miracles  Arthur Scargill presents his Socialist Labour Party as the successor to the party of the same name founded by James Connolly in 1903. Nearly a century later Connolly’s legend endures. (added 14th of April 2002)


A Journey to Nowhere. The Basque Left, Politics and Armed Struggle A description of the failure of ETA-PM to create a political party which would combine nationalism and socialism, while mobilising the population in support of ETA’s objectives (6000 words).


ETA:A suicidal offensive Updating on Eta’s campaign of violence following end of truce


State of the Nation Ernest Gellner and the Theory of  Nationalism


Marxism and Nationalism Ephrain Nimni, MARXISM AND NATIONALISM: Theoretical Origins of a Political Crisis.


Mother Earth Michael Löwy, Fatherland or Mother Earth?: Essays on the National Question


Tom Nairn: "Faces of Nationalism"


Rethinking Irish Nationalism


ETA Article in What Next? An appraisal of radical Basque Nationalism

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